A heavy-duty unit designed for real-world, 24 hour continuous, summertime operation.


  • Multi-stage separations technology Separates nearly all common lubricants
    Multiple inlets Convenient installation
    Constructed of all non-corrosive materials Extended service life
    No electricity required and no moving parts Low maintenance costs
    Removable access lid Easy entry to media
    Flow indicator Visual alert that service is required
    Translucent oil container Able to monitor de-emulsified oil
    Sample and reference jars Quick evaluation of condensate
    Made in the U.S.A.  
  • The Accu-Sep utilizes multi-stage separations technology to clean up condensate streams to stay in compliance. In the first stage, the Sediment Chamber collects and prevents rust, dirt, and scale from migrating into the Main Reservoir.  The second stage is the large Main Reservoir, which provides sufficient residence time to allow oil to coagulate and float to the surface.  Next, the Pre-Adsorption Chamber removes the segment of oils that are still in solution or have migrated through.  In the final stage, the Carbon Beds ensure that the condensate will meet or exceed the discharge limits.

  • Stock No. Max. CFM Capacity* (90°F/90%RH) Height Depth Width Dry Weight (lbs.)
    AS15 150 30" 19" 26.5" 50
    AS30 300 39" 21" 34" 90
    AS60 600 39" 31" 35" 170
    AS90 900 45" 31" 35" 229
    AS120 1200 39" 31" 72" 240
    AS180 1800 39" 31" 109" 360
    AS240 2400 39" 31" 146" 480

    *The maximum CFM capacity ratings listed may be increased by 25% if a refrigerated air dryer is not used.

  • pdf_logo.pngDownload the Accu-Sep Brochure

    Download the Accu-Sep Installation Operating Manual